Chat to do tasks, not to just talk tasks.

Chats with your coworkers on Chattodo will become accountable tasks, with just a touch on such chatted messages. With hash tags, they will become organised too. It’s magical. Experience a never seen before output in productivity from a mere chatting app without ever leaving its simple native interface.

Available on theGoogle Play Store

A productivity app designed to be a chat first app - made up of features:

  1. To seamlessly delegate todos, by a mere touch.
  2. For collaborative bookmarking or collections leading to actionable feeds by putting mere hashtags. Spinning off a new kind of a social network for productive beings.
  3. For improved text/voice note making and sharing experience.
  4. For seamless hiring and its management straight out of a chat app. (Coming Soon)
  5. AI and blockchain measured education metrics of coworkers, to offer a new education and training system to such users. (Coming Soon)
    Clothed, NOT as intimidating slack worthy chat and productivity apps.
On Chattodo users will merely chat, like they do on Whatsapp, but they will see more happening out of those chats. It will save an incredible amount of time for productive beings. Enough said.

Make communication more actionable.

Our design is driven by the need to make chatting more productive and accountable. We do not want you to lose tasks mentioned in a sea of inconsequential chats like the ones you share with your friends/colleagues/collaborators on all other chat and messaging apps. When you communicate on Chattodo you never lose to-dos as these are collated seamlessly for easy reference even as you continue chatting.

Move any text into your own collections

Put # tags in front of any text on Chattodo to organize it into private or public collections. These hashtags and their contents as they show up on your profile, reveal your personality by way of interest, collaborations, learning and tasks. Thus, you do not just express yourself, you express yourself comprehensively and differently!

A Social network of action

Topics revealed by your public hashtags can be followed by your collaborators. This creates the possibility of feeds relevant far beyond those you currently see on Facebook or Twitter. Imagine this as rescue from an overdose of cat and dog videos, the incessant need for approval and the culture of instant gratification created by such social networks.

Record your own thoughts

Send and organise voice notes using '@' and '#' from our note making screen itself. This is the first screen you will see whenever you open the app. We have reimagined the importance and potential of 'note making' and felt the need for this note making screen to be the default screen even when you wish to send a message to your collaborator. Basically, you can call up nearly every feature of Chattodo from this near blank screen. That is the simplicity and beauty of this app.

Have you ever felt an urge that you should create a to do list for yourself but haven't yet started? Try Chattodo and you will find yourself started already.


Like you have friends on Facebook, here you have collaborators. For more than 3 collaborators you pay $1 per month or $10 per year, or $25 for 3 years per collaborator.

Free Forever

  • For 3 collaborators per user.
  • For 10 collaborators per user. If downloaded and used to send atleast 1000 messages before December,2018.
  • Available on theGoogle Play Store


    We use Firebase at the back for our database needs. Firebase provides a full feature set of tools for managing the security of Chattodo data. These tools make it easy to authenticate users, enforce user permissions, and validate inputs. Firebase Realtime Environment handles many other security details. For example, they use SSL with strong 2048 bit keys for certificates. Also, for our authentication needs we are currently using firebase authentication with Google sign-in. Refer the link below for more on security in firebase which includes other topics like authorization and validation as well. Read More...


    First things first - We will never use your data towards our monetisation . We are not in support of advertising as a business model. We will give you value and in turn, we will take fees from you for it. Simple. Read More...

    Capability and Deliverability, not exams should be measures of education gained and it is these that should translate into educational degrees. The fundamental reason we embarked on the journey to build Chattodo is to disrupt the education system for people of ideas whose learning must be measured by the accomplishment of, ONE TASK DONE AT A TIME.

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